CPP Group – 2017, a year of transformation and progress

2017, a year of transformation and progress

The company has innovated its reporting approach to reflect this transformational year for CPP Group. In this Annual Review you are offered a concise view of achievements, milestones, values and strategy.

CPP Group CEO Jason Walsh

Jason Walsh, CEO of CPP Group commented: “The Annual Review is more reflective of our brand, tone of voice and values. It is a compelling way of showcasing the progress made in 2017 and highlights the pillars to growth which are central to achieving our 2020 ambitions. By working with our business partners, delivering simple and value added products to customers and focusing on our colleagues, we delivered a strong performance for the year, which includes delivering year-on-year revenue growth for the first time since 2011 and customer numbers growing significantly to 5.5 million. This progress will pave the way for future business growth.”

CPPGroup plc 2017 Year in Review

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CPPGroup plc 2017 annual report

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